Press release – De Klausen Complex Management Case Study

Press release – De Klausen Complex Management Case Study

March 2022

           During ProCESS Project implementation a set of 12 complex management case studies are developed (in 3 rounds) and proposed to the students for solving. The participating students are encouraged to alternate sequences of mobilization of Sensory, Emotional, and Spiritual (SES) intelligences, in addition to rational capacities to find solutions to the proposed topics. In the first training round, the first four case studies are developed in collaboration with the ProCESS partner companies: Sanofi, De KLAUSEN, Mediatalo Keskisuomalainen and Latvijas Pasts.

           The case study proposed by De KLAUSEN focused on finding solutions to increase by 25% per year the business of the Romanian company KLAUS-ELGEX, Cluj-Napoca, a company with 125 employees and a turnover of over €23 million. KLAUS-ELGEX is one of the national leaders in electrical solutions and equipment, industrial automation systems, electric drives and lighting systems. It should be noted that in the last 4 years (2017-2020) turnover, profit and productivity of labour have stagnated. The health crisis of 2020 brought new challenges for KLAUS-ELGEX due in particular to the impossibility of face-to-face communication. As a general business context, the main challenge and at the same time the future solution is digitization, noticeably the digitization of sales. The students’ task is to help in this regard by searching and finding the most valuable solutions in order to increase the efficiency of the company in the digital area.

De KLAUSEN Enterprise Meeting

           For solving the case study, a number of 16 students were selected (four student teams) from each ProCESS partner universities in September 2021. The activity on the projects started with a kick-off meeting – De KLAUSEN Enterprise Meeting that was organized on the 7th and 8th of October in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Due to COVID-19 restrictions in Romania, the Enterprise Meeting included face to face activities at the De KLAUSEN quarters (attended by one representant student from each partner university – TUCN, UCLy, JAMK and RISEBA) and online activities with the other participant students from partner universities. During these meetings the company coach and company experts presented the case study to the participant students. All teams had the opportunity to discuss with the company representatives about the topic, collect information and ask questions they thought will help them in solving the complex problem proposed by the company case.

           After the enterprise meeting, all students evaluated their SES Skills using a set of questionnaires developed by PerformanSe, partner company in ProCESS Project. After this evaluation, all participating teams developed a synthesis report about the company and the issues raised by the complex management case, coached by academic and company coaches.

           The students advance in solving the De KLAUSEN case study was supported by a set of six SESS Workshops (2 sensorial, 2 emotional, and 2 spiritual), organized by each partner university with the participation of all involved students, during October – December 2021. The SESS trainers coordinated the workshops activities, in the presence of Company and Academic Coaches. After the third and the sixth workshops the students’ SES Skills were reevaluated.

SESS Workshops

           As part of solving the complex management case, each student team developed an interim report. The report was presented to the academic and company coaches after the 3rd workshops, during this meeting their ideas were analyzed, and they received feedback. The final results obtained by each student teams were presented in the Final Reports on De KLAUSEN company case.

           The final presentations of the students results in the complex management cases were presented during the 1st ProCESS Winter School that was organized by JAMK University of Applied Sciences. The event took place during 24-27 January 2022. At the event, all 16 students from the four teams that participated in De KLAUSEN case study, the Academic Coaches, and the Company Coaches participated. After the presentations, the Company and Academic Coaches analyzed the results and gave feedback on the students’ activity. All students received a certificate for their involvement in the ProCESS Project. Beside the final presentations, during the 1st ProCESS Winter School, other activities were also organized: interviews of students, Academic and Company Coaches conducted by partners from PerformanSe, “Complexity Sonaatti” webinar coordinated by JAMK SESS trainers, focus group with academic and company coaches, presentation of Mediatalo Keskisuomalainen and free-time activities.

Final Presentations at 1st ProCESS Winter School organized by JAMK

           The collected feedback from the participating students together with the results of the SES Skills evaluations during the project implementation showed an increase in understanding and implementation of the students Sensory, Emotional, and Spiritual capabilities for solving complex management cases. The company representatives also gave positive feedback on the students results for the proposed study case.

Christophe PONS, Project Coordinator
Lyon Catholic University, Lyon, France

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