Processing Complexity with Emotional, Sensorial and Spiritual capacities



“ProCESS, a one of a kind European project where students develop their Sensorial, Emotional and Spiritual Skills in a transnational business context.”

Christophe PONS – ProCESS Project Coordinator | UCLy

“By enriching their sensitive abilities of attention, perception and expression, future managers become more resilient, agile and innovative in their ways of being, thinking, acting.”

Sophie BOUQUEREL – SES Skills Trainer | UCLy

“By mobilising mainly the rational part of our brain, we risk bypassing the basics.
Training our SES skills is essential to deal with complex situations which are the daily routine of managers.”

Sixtine OTMANI – student | UCLy

“For me, a school of management can’t ignore the place of the body in the relation. But it was the first time in my post-graduate studies I had the opportunity to take such courses. At the beginning, I was sceptical on their benefits, but as the course progressed, I was very surprised of their positive effect on me, either in professional or personal life. We are very lucky to have such courses, who build our leadership as responsible, sensitive, with integrity and sensible intelligence. I’m sure these skills will help us to manage in complex situations.”

Kenza BOUAMRANE – student | UCLy

“As human management is always more complex than technical problems, it is very pertinent to train our SES skills. The workshops we had were very dynamic and playful, even if they were on very serious challenges. For me, these trainings will be a real strength in my future jobs.”

Jeanne MALLEVIALLE – student | UCLy

“It was great experience to attend all SES workshops with students, and also to see how students addressed the Sanofi business case with the help of SES skills. Thanks to the workshops, students got more aware of their emotions and of their relations to others. Students had great ideas, identified innovative opportunities, showed creativity and curiosity in order to find ways to enhance/improve cooperation among healthcare professionals in order to improve flu vaccination coverage.”

Christophe ANDRE – Director | Sanofi Pasteur SA

“As a SESS Trainer, I am very grateful that I had this opportunity to take part in an international project like ProCESS. It is a wonderful occasion to cooperate with partners from other countries and learn from each other. Training the problem-solving skills with the students has been a great pleasure and we have learned a lot from each other. I am looking forward to continuing working together and enjoying our multinational cooperation.”


“We are very pleased at Mediatalo Keskisuomalainen that we take part of ProCESS project. We have a strong investment plan, and this ProCESS project has helped us to push our development faster. It has also been a pleasure to work with young minds. I am very satisfied with our co-operation with JAMK and Anneli Kakko. I can recommend this kind of project to all!”

Mikko PAKARINEN – Project Manager of KESKI | Mediatalo Keskisuomalainen

“ProCESS offers students a remarkable experience, supporting both their professional and personal development and providing them with fantastic opportunities – from analyzing real complex management cases and getting feedback from the companies, applying their SES skills to better know themselves, others and to solve complex problems, to working in an international environment and improving their team working, presentation or English speaking skills. It is great to witness students’ evolution in analyzing their complex case studies, but also at individual level and as a team.”

Adriana SAVA – SESS Trainer | TUCN

“It is a pleasure for me to work in the ProCESS project together with my colleagues from other three countries. I am happy when I can see how students are increasing their SES skills and getting more confident and capable. I am sure that this experience will help students in their future personal and work life. Also, the connections between SES trainers are a great plus and a good way to learn a lot from each other.”

Simona NOVEANU – SESS Trainer | TUCN

“From my perspective, these SES skills help you in a way that your previous experience could not have achieved the results after all. By that I mean that during every single workshop, every single person that came and talked to the teams, gave their energy, their information, and what they really wanted was “to get the information to you”, not just to make you “listen and after that forget the information”. After the SESS workshops you get out a whole other person, you are developing yourself more than you did before and this is a plus of the implication in this project.
The SES skills are useful in every single area of expertise because they truly improve your personality, they truly help you to be a better person, to better understand yourself and evolve. These kind of workshops helps us to be “something better that you were yesterday”. All the SESS workshops sessions combined can be a very powerful tool that can lift you to better understand a situation from another perspective. “

Samuel SABĂU – student | TUCN